When Things Go Wrong Unexpectedly

What happens when the worst-case scenario occurs in your life? This question isn’t a commentary on your preparation levels for a natural disaster. Volcanoes, earthquakes, or tornadoes are not an everyday event for us thankfully, but there can be some bad things that develop in our lives each.

How would you react if you lost your passport while traveling internationally? If your computer crashed and your documents were lost, would you have an opportunity to recover?

All of us face challenges in our personal and professional lives each day. When we have solutions in place that can help us be overcomers, then there are concrete steps to follow which can keep us pushing forward toward our goals.

Common Workplace Problems and Solutions

You might not lose your passport on a business every day, but there could be an interpersonal conflict with a co-worker that you manage consistently. When you can identify the critical issues that bother you each day at work, then your stress and anxiety levels can diminish dramatically.

Here are some of the issues you might be juggling right now and how you can start finding solutions.

  1. Gossip

When there is downtime at work, it is not unusual for the gossip mill to start working. Instead of reporting the problem to the boss, ignoring it, or joining in on the negative talk, make the conversation take a positive turn. Discuss the good things that you see everyone doing at work. Random praise can uplift someone’s spirits.

  1. Performance Problems

Some of your co-workers put in a solid day of work without question. You’ll also find a handful of people trying to do the least amount possible without getting into trouble. Criticism won’t help someone to become more productive. Encourage the entire team to set goals instead. Try to manage interruptions that happen during the day, and then make sure everyone can work on one task at a time.

  1. Bullying

Bullies are people who yell at you. They might try to talk over you at a meeting, take credit for your work, or be overly critical of who you are as a person without any justification. You must tap into your personal courage to manage this situation. Set limits on what you are willing to tolerate. Exercise your right to tell that person to stop. Then describe the behavior that you want to stop. Confront the bully if they violate your space.

  1. Harassment

Professionals can deal with harassment on numerous levels at work. You must set firm boundaries with people, and then confront someone on behavior that is inappropriate or makes you uncomfortable. Always inform your direct supervisor about this situation in writing to ensure that a record exists of your report. Then contact the proper authorities should the behavior directed toward you become illegal.

  1. Communication Problems

You can write what you think is the perfect email only to have someone misinterpret it in a way one would never expect. The same problem occurs with voicemails, memos, and face-to-face conversations. Try to work on your active listening skills instead. By asking more questions, you create more engagement with each person.

  1. Low Motivation

If you feel under the weather, then your motivation to go to work will be minimal. That is normal. When you feel that way all of the time, dreading the time when you must report to the office, then it is time to take action. Be the force for the changes that you wish to see at work. Ask for more responsibilities. If there is a transfer available, then consider taking it.

  1. Unexpected Problems

Your computer might crash. The printer could decide that it wants to stop working the instant you have a report to file. Maybe the email that you thought was sent to your boss never made it through the system. Unexpected issues at work can be frustrating, but they are also manageable when you have a backup plan in place. If you work with data, then ensure that is gets backed up at least once per day. Keep copies of essential identification and paperwork in a separate location. Think about the issues which might impact you, and then use your creativity to protect yourself.

What Solutions Can You Use Today?

Every situation is different. You may need to use a combination of different strategies to find the best solution to your problem.

The key to your success is this: never give up. Keep pushing forward through all of the obstacles that appear. If you allow the situation to be victorious, then the problems will keep growing.

You have the power to win. Grab it today!

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