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 What is a Transaction Coordinator?

And Why do you need one?

Congratulations on going under contract!

Your deal is complete and you are ready to close and collect your commission check…right?

Not so fast! 

There are at least 35 tasks that still need to be completed in order to get you to the closing table.

Do you know what they are? Do you have the time to execute each one of them? 

Probably not! That’s where a Transaction Coordinator (like me) comes in.

A Transaction Coordinator (TC) manages real estate contracts from execution through closing.

Using a TC allows the Agent to focus their time and attention on growing a business, while knowing that the administrative needs of existing contracts are being handled.

A TC manages the communication, documents, deadlines, and follow up to ensure Agents reach the closing table as smoothly as possible. 

Transaction Coordinator Services 

Review contract for completeness 

Create a detailed closing timeline

Introduce and coordinate with all parties

Confirm escrow deposit has been made 

Keep all parties on track

Send weekly update reports via email

Monitor loan approval process 

Monitor HOA application and approval process

Confirm inspection(s) have been performed

Manage the key dates of the contract

Ensure contract requirements are completed

Monitor closing progress and provide updates

*Visit the TC Services page for a complete list of services by clicking here


Ready to save 15-20 hours on your

Contract to Close process?

Then…let’s connect! 

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